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    “ Mỗi người dù ít hay nhiều đều học ở bất kỳ người khác đôi điều gì đó” - Chúc mọi người sức khỏe, niềm vui, “TÂM” để trọn nghề và “NHẪN” để ước mơ!

    KIỂM TRA 45' ANH 8 LẦN 3

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    Người gửi: Hải Nguyên Văn (trang riêng)
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    Trường THCS ........................ ĐỀ KIỂM TRA 1 TIẾT
    Name:…………………………. Môn: Tiếng Anh 8
    Class: 8..... Thời gian: 45 phút

    I. Choose the best answer.
    1. you like a cup of tea? Yes, please.
    a. Could b. Do c. Would d. Will
    2.My brother is studying very .
    a. hardly b. hard c. good d. harder
    3. Would you _______ cleaning the floor for me?
    a. like b. please c. mind d. rather
    4. It is difficult ________ all these things.
    a.to remember b. remembering c. remember d. remembered
    5. Motorbikes _______ in China are cheap.
    a. make b. made c. makes d. making
    6. ________you mind if I smoked?
    a. Could b. Don’t c. Do d. Would
    7. John is interested ____ the history of Vietnam.
    a. in b. with c. to d. on
    8. Milk bottles can be after being cleaned.
    a. recycle b. thrown away c. broken d. refilled
    9you show me the way to the nearest post office, please?
    a.. Can b.. Could c.. Do d.. Both A & B are correct
    10.Ba loves watching football, .......... he doesn’t like playing it.
    a. and b. but c. so d. because
    11. I enjoyed listening ………..the radio when I was a child.
    a. to b. on c. up d. at
    12. The girl sitting ……….my father and Michael is my little sister.
    a. on b. next c. between d. in
    13. In Britain, people drive ……….the left………..the street.
    a. at / in b. to / of c. in / in d. in / of
    14. She used to ………….part in social activities.
    a. take b. taking c. took d. takes
    15. Can we ……….at your house and go to the party together ?
    a. meet b. come c. see d. find

    II-Pick out the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the others:
    1. a. scout b. proud c. bought d. council
    2. a. canoe b. crop c. shock. d. hot
    3. a. victim b. revive c. bite d. tight
    4. a. you b. your c. young d. my
    5. a. ambulance b. bandage c. damage d. patient
    6. a. crutch b. school c. chair d. handkerchief
    7. a. resort b. hotel c. except d. rescue
    8. a. first b. victim c. facility d. notice

    III- Choose the one word or phrase that would not be appropriate:
    1.Would you mind if I sit here ? -No, of course not.
    A B C D
    2.They played for the school team since last year.
    A B C D
    3.Old car tires can be recycle to make pipes and floor coverings.
    A B C D
    4. We didn’t wanted to go to the beach.
    A B C D
    5. Would you like coming to my birthday party?
    A B C D
    IV: Choose the best answer to complet the passes.
    In the USA, millions of old car tires are (1)_______every year. But tires can be (2)__________to make pipes and floor coverings. Nowadays, many people wear shoes and sandals made from old car tires. In Britain, the milkman brings bottles of milk to houses and collects the empty ones. The empty bottles are then (3)__________and refilled. Every milk bottle can (4)__________thirty times. People throw (5)___________billions of cans every year all over the world. In Oregon, the government made a new law several years ago. They said that there must be a deposit on all drink cans .The (6)___________is returned when people bring the (7)___________back for (
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